Civil Serivce Training Centre


The Civil Service Training Centre was established in the 1953 by the Colonial Government to assist the Establishment Secretariat now the Office of the Head of Civil Service to train lower and middle level Civil Servants.

The Centre was established as part of the Africanization policy to build the capacity of lower and middle level personnel in the Civil Service.


A Vision of excellence and a citadel of knowledge for Civil and Public Service training with empowered clients.


CSTC delivers leading edge Civil and Public Service training to improve the functional effectiveness and efficiency of Civil and Public servants through adult learning approaches and activities in a well-equipped facility.


  • Run induction courses for all new entrants into the Service
  • Organise promotion courses for lower and middle level officers in the Civil Service
  • Run short-term competency-based courses for its target population
  • Provide tailor-made courses for institutions on request


  • Programmes for the school
  • Academic calendar
  • Admission procedures and processes
  • Admission forms


Mrs. Dora Gyawa Dei-Tumi


  • Academic Unit
  • Administrative Unit


LOCATION - Cantonments -Accra

ADDRESS - 0302-774402, P.O.Box M49, Cantonments-Accra 

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